Permatrack Systems

The Permatrack Process is a system which can take new or used (relay) ¼ mile rail strings or sticks of standard carbon or low alloy rail and transform them into defect free, Premium Head Hardened Rail/ Strings. The entire string becomes fatigue free and all welds become metallurgically identical to the parent rail with the rail section consisting of a “fine pearlitic structure” and as a result there is no soft HAZs. Uniquely the process imparts “protective compressive stresses” across its cross-section which combat defect propagation due to eccentric wheel load forces which occur during service in track. The Permatrack process is very versatile and is capable of producing “custom metallurgical properties” in rail. As a result of this new metallurgical structure the rail’s strength is improved by over 30% and its ductility is increased by over 120% and desirable protective residual stresses are imparted in the rails’ section. The hardness profile of a string can be either a standard pattern or a deep pattern as required by the customer. Upon exiting the air quench the rail is perfectly straight and does not require any harsh roller straightening as is required by other competitor processes.

Having previously updated the Permatrack Process to modern specifications, we now have the proven capability to produce top quality Premium rail strings.  Our goal is to produce seamless strings of safer rail.  Derailments are often  caused by residual stresses at the electric flash butt weld zone as well as stresses rolled into the rail during the manufacturing process.  Breakages can occur  under a number of adverse conditions, such as extreme cold temperatures. rolling wheel irregularities, ever increasing tonnages loaded into rail cars coupled with longer train lengths. New demands facing today’s rail industry demand innovative breakthrough Head Hardening technology.

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